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Price of our kittens


Oriental shorthair and siamese kitten as pet/spayed/neutered:

 start from 900€

with wide batterfly ears start from 1 300€

Peterbald kittens for pet/spayed/neutered :

Variant /Normal coat start from 900 €

Brush start from  1 000€

Flock start from 1 300€

Velour start from 1 500€

Hairless/Naked/Bald start from 1 800€

Plus breeding rights are

1 000€,

given very rarely to approved registered Catteries !!!

  • Plus  worldwide transport / pet in the cabin only! (KLM/ Austrian airlines/ AirBaltic/ Lufthansa/ Delta/ Swiss/ United / TAP)
approx. 700€ Amsterdam/ Riga/ Frankfurt/ Warsaw, etc. at EU airports
  • Pet cargo by Lufthansa only direct to EU countries and USA start from 1000€, plus 100€ transport to Vienna airport.
  • transport to Vienna Airport is 100€ (Fuel/ parking fees/ vignette fee)
personal transport at Europe by car is approx. 0,65€ per km)

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